About MDL Partners

Launched in January 1987, MDL Partners has evolved into a leading executive resource firm. We work with over 6000 clients worldwide and provide outplacement services to over 500 organizations. MDL Partners currently operates offices in Wellesley, Hartford, Stamford and the Washington, DC area.

MDL Partners works with senior level executives, entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking for a better environment, new job, career change or career advancement. Most want a place where they can achieve more upside financially and quality of life. When you become an MDL Partners client, you gain access to our extensive network of 6,000+ senior executives who are interested in actively networking with you. This warm approach results in success for our clients above and beyond the offerings of search firms and job boards.

This is the true MDL Partner advantage over all other career counseling companies.

What MDL Partners Does For You

First we develop a personal business plan for each client. Then we use our unique people-centered methodology to ensure that our clients are developing and maintain their networks, to ensure that they are getting good quality exposure to the right contacts.

When you become a client of MDL Partners, you are a client for life. MDL Partners will provide services not only during your initial search, but throughout your professional career. These services include help with evaluating new career situations, assessing career progress, looking at entrepreneurial ventures, and ongoing support to keep your network developing properly.

MDL Partners is always here for you as your career path changes, evolves and moves forward.

MDL Partners' business philosophy revolves around providing high quality and incisive consulting services to our clients. Our commitment is to provide support until the client finds something new, and to be available in the future for ongoing career management.

The MDL Team

John Decker

Brion A. Bickerton is a Senior Consultant with 25 years experience in executive recruiting, coaching and business development.   He is a former practicing international corporate lawyer in the London and Boston offices of the law firm, Bingham McCutchen (now part of Morgan Lewis). Read more…

John Decker

John C. Decker has been an Executive Vice President with the company for more than 15 years. In that time he has successfully implemented and completed job search campaigns for over 1,000 senior level managers, executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs. He is a frequent speaker on executive career management topics. Read more…

Tom DeCrosta

Tom DeCrosta, Senior Vice President Mid-Atlantic at MDL Partners, joined the organization in 2014. He has over 30 years of senior executive level experience working for Fortune 1000 organizations and successful early stage companies in the telecommunications, technology, enterprise application software and business process outsourcing market segments. Read more…

Robert A. Gough Jr., Ph.D.

Robert A. Gough Jr., Ph.D. is a Senior Vice President at MDL Partners, with 30 years of experience in management and investment banking, including hedge funds and specializing in capital markets. Bob has been principally involved with Fortune 500 decision makers, both domestically and abroad, national and international government policy makers, and dozens of emerging growth company entrepreneurs. Read more…

John Hackett

John Hackett has worked in the Mid-Atlantic and Southern Operations of the company since 2002. He is a native of Virginia and has lived and worked in the DC area for the last two decades. Read more…

Doug Lemmonds

Doug Lemmonds, Executive Vice President of MDL Partners, is responsible for the Mid-Atlantic and Southern Operations for the company. Doug is a native Virginian who now lives in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC. Read more…

Doug Lemmonds

Eric Loomis is an MDL Partners Vice President who has over 25 years of experience in Enterprise Software and Professional Services Sales. He first joined MDL Partners 17 years ago as a client, and has now come full circle to join our team and offer his expertise toward supporting other C-level executives to reach their career goals. Read more…

Ed Manning

Ed Manning has over 30 years of Corporate experience building and managing high performance teams in the high-tech industry. He has extensive experience working with multiple Fortune 500 companies such as HP, Compaq and DEC on organization dynamics, recruitment and talent management. Most recently he has been involved in consulting for business planning and marketing strategy for both commercial companies and non-profits.Read more…

Melody Martin

Melody Martin, MDL Partners’ Vice President, Administration has over 15 years of experience in client services coordination and communications, event coordination, and team building and leadership. She supports MDL Partners in identifying best practices and executing them in a manner that enriches the client experience. Read more...

Tom McNeil

Thomas P. McNeil, President of MDL Partners, is one of the three founders of the company. He is a native Bostonian, a graduate of Boston Latin School and received a Bachelor's degree in mathematics from Boston College. Read more…

Lynne Miller

Lynne Miller, Assistant to the President
Lynne handles all client relations for MDL Partners’ Northeast operations.

Alfred Smith

Alfred J. Smith, Jr., Senior Vice President, lives in Darien, Connecticut with his wife and four children, and provides professional and legal services to clients in the Connecticut and Massachusetts areas. Read more…

Paul Stanton

Paul J. Stanton is a native Bostonian who has over 35 years of experience as a leader in both secondary and higher education. Read more…

Rich Story

Richard M. Story, III is an Executive Vice President at MDL Partners in Farmington, Connecticut. Read more…

Success Stories


Previous Position
Partner, major IT consulting firm

Previous Income

Action Plan
Very targeted and discrete networking into major financial institutions

Senior Technology Executive for one of the largest mutual fund companies in the world

Compensation Package
$250,000/yr + $250,000 bonus + 1,000 shares + 500 performance shares + $150,000 signing bonus - Total Value $750,000 - $1 million

Campaign Duration
4 months

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