Custom Client Evaluation & Strategy Design

Using information received from your career assessment test, Comprehensive Professional Profile and intensive interviewing, MDL Partners will provide you with appropriate career options designed to lead you toward your goal. The career assessment and professional profile will also identify new industries or private endeavors that may include start-ups, equity or partnership opportunities and even new ventures. Our professional career counselors will provide you with the opportunity to examine as many viable career options as possible.

As an MDL Partners client you will also receive:

  • A thorough evaluation of marketability
  • An assessment of income potential
  • Formulation of job search focus and direction
  • Individualized interviewing strategy and techniques
  • Development of effective negotiating strategies
  • Professional consulting to formulate your action plan

Our career consultants will provide specific personal marketing plan strategies addressing such issues as how to:

  • Research private openings
  • Investigate new industries
  • Pursue alternative career options
  • Utilize personal contacts
  • Respond to advertisements
  • Utilize recruitment firms
  • Explore relocation opportunities
  • Enhance personal image
  • Secure promotion from a new position
  • Establish short and long term financial goals
  • Access venture capital sources

We will work closely with you on:

  • Preparation of your custom designed resume
  • Preparation of auxiliary written materials
  • Target market research and recommendations

MDL career counselors have access to extensive marketing resources, including databases that form the premier source of business information in the United States. Based on availability, MDL Partners will provide you with pertinent information and counsel regarding potential employers, such as: annual revenues, number of employees, products or services rendered corporate status information and key decision makers.

Additionally, MDL Partners’ career counselors will provide information and guidance regarding appropriate recruitment firms to contact and suggest other methods for discovering potential employment leads during the course of your search activities.

When appropriate, we will utilize our own database of current and former clients to facilitate your networking process.

MDL professionals are available to you at any time during the course of your job search to answer questions, solve special problems, guide negotiations and provide general counsel.

Career Focus & Strategy

Success Stories


New situation at [Company XYZ] is working out great. Used techniques MDL Partners coached me in to land it!


Thank you for taking the time to meet. It occurred to me as we were meeting that it has been nine years since I first joined the network. I remember my trepidation at writing “the check” needed to gain membership. In retrospect, the fee turned out to be a real “deal”. I have the advantage of being a member of an expanding network of executive level managers (peers), the pleasure of meeting and having access to people such as the legendary Norman Strait, the opportunity to share my experiences and insights with others seeking their next leadership positions and the luxury of having virtually the same team in place as was in place in 2003.

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