Career Management

The dramatic transformation taking place in American and global business is accelerating daily.

Fueled by a rapidly evolving global business environment, we are seeing the creation of new industries, new challenges, new opportunities and new rules. Never before has business and industry been as broad, as complex or as inviting.

One of the most significant aspects of this transformation is the emergence of the career management concept. After all, the array of opportunities created by today’s business climate is valuable only to those who know how to locate and exploit them.

Accordingly, currently market conditions and the increasing competition for the best opportunities dictate the need for a state-of-the-art career management service – one that combines creative professional development techniques, sophisticated personal marketing plans and strategies, and the power of modern information gathering.

At MDL Partners we recognized this need many years ago and have assembled a high-powered, dedicated team of career management professionals to implement our unique career consulting approach. This team includes PhDs, MBAs, successful entrepreneurs and senior executives from a wide variety of industries. By carefully controlling the ratio of clients to career consultants, we allow these professionals to maximize their effectiveness in dealing with your career management needs.

Our staff of career consultants employs highly sophisticated, personalized and effective processes to help clients recognize – and then achieve – their career goals. Our mission is to ensure that clients take maximum advantage of the opportunities available in today’s dynamic and increasingly competitive marketplace.

Career Management

Success Stories

Bob W.:

Previous Position
Sr. Exec in Business Development, Technology firm in the Boston area

Previous income

Action Plan
Built a sizeable network utilizing MDL Partners’ contacts.

Joined a software company in Woburn, MA as Exec VP Sales

Compensation Package
$350,000/yr. with a substantial bonus and an equity share in the company.

Campaign Duration
5 months

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