The Preferred Outplacement Service For Senior Executives

Giving your executives a choice of outplacement firms is important for your organization, as well as for your employees. Outplaced executives have a greater degree of satisfaction with your company when they are partners in planning their career transitions and their futures.

MDL Partners is the best career transition choice for your outplaced executives because it works for both you and them.

Because our executive outplacement consultants are not concerned with processing large numbers of individuals, companies find that MDL Partners concentrates on both emotional and intellectual effort of customizing each detail of the career transition process.

MDL Partners is a different breed of executive outplacement firm, and you want to partner with an outplacement firm where the process works; a company that will give outplace employees the greatest chance of success. MDL Partners is that partner.

When you talk with executives who have been through the MDL Partners career transition experience, they will tell you that they are still reaping the rewards many years later. The career transition experience at MDL Partners is not time-limited, and we have always encouraged our clients to stay in close contact and to take advantage of our extensive, active global network.

Many former clients attend regularly scheduled MDL Partners networking sessions to offer access to their personal networks to others in career transitions, to seek new positions and sometimes to hire senior executives from the network for their businesses.

For all outplacement clients of MDL Partners, present and former, our global active network continues to be the source of many prosperous careers, entrepreneurial endeavors, partnerships and lasting friendships.


Success Stories

Tony D.:

Previous Position
VP Business Development, Cable Industry Company

Previous Income

Action Plan
Introduction to MDL Partners client with a dynamic Cable TV Industry track record.

A new company formed by three MDL clients. Initial project, $36,000,000 contract to install a fiber optic network on Cape Cod.

Compensation Package
Potential in $Millions

Campaign Duration
2 months to forming company; 1 year to launch project.

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